Friday, September 3, 2010


Well the summer is fading away and the children are back at school! Back to work for me. Commissions are trickling in and I am working towards the Liverpool Design Show in November.
I will be co-exhibiting with my collegue Lindsay Howarth-Pash under the name "Hash"
With inspiration from both nature and science, I create delicate cellular and floral designs which I print using digital and heat transfer processes. I use hand and machine embroidery to create completely unique pieces.
Making small memory purses and wallets as fashion accessories,I am inspired by romance and family life, combining hand painted images with family photographs to create unique and luxurious pieces which can be personalised to an individual client. Using found fabrics, buttons and trimmings sourced from charity shops and friend’s fabric boxes, I enjoy the process of making something new and beautiful out of unwanted and scrap materials.

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